See what we are doing at the Feise Building here

We will keep you updated with pictures of the building process. So check in regularly here!

Tearing Down the House

It has begun

The House is Gone

We will begin moving trees next

Concrete is poured!

Steel will be up in no time!

Steel is up!

Lets get a roof and some walls!

Walls and Roof are done

Let's start working on the inside!

Walls are framed!

Time for Drywall

Drywall is going up

Prepping for the Parking lot

Pouring concrete for Phase 2!

Concrete is poured for some of the new classrooms

Curbs are poured for our new parking lot!

Children's Classrooms are getting painted

Phase 2 demolition is underway

Our church is putting in some serious sweat equity on the demolition!

Almost All of the drywall is down

The walls are down!

Our new Sanctuary is finally one big room!

Sidewalks are going in

Slabs are poured and the steel is going up for our new rooms

New rooms are going up fast

Gravel is in, we are so close to having a parking lot!

Parking lot is in!

Siding is going up on Phase 2!

Commons Area is almost finished

We are moved in!

We are moved in and having services in the commons area of the new building. We will be in the new Auditorium in no time!

Drywall and paint are going up fast in the new auditorium

Ceiling is going in!

Drywall is done!

Ceiling is in!