What is Daring Faith?

Daring Faith is a 36-month plan to empower us all to grow in faith like never before, both personally and together as a church.


Our goal is what the Apostle Paul had for his Christian friends in Corinth: I hope that as you become stronger in your faith, we will be able to reach many more of the people around you. (2 Corinthians 10:15)


The end goal of our Daring Faith campaign is to reach the Next Generation for Jesus, along with their family and friends. 


To accomplish that, we are challenging ourselves to give generously: our money and resources, time, and abilities. Please prayerfully use your God-given imagination to consider what God is calling on you to commit over the next three years.


Now more than ever, God wants us to move forward with Him with great optimism and daring faith!

Daring Faith Stories