OUr STory

The story of Connection Christian Church began several years ago with the South Campus of Harvester Christian Church (which in turn emerged from a church plant called New Horizons Christian Church.)  A small but dedicated group of believers would set up early every Sunday for worship at John Weldon Elementary School. The mission was clear: reach people in the  O’Fallon and Dardenne Prairie area for Jesus Christ.

Eventually the campus grew, so we renovated a warehouse next door to the school, on Hubble Drive, in order create inviting space and allow more people to attend. As the South Campus continued to grow and mature, Harvester CC leadership became convinced of two things. For one thing, our church family was ready to take the next step of becoming an independent, autonomous Christian Church. And, secondly, even with the additional space the Hubble space provided, by 2011 it became clear that it was once again time to move. 

The solution to the space issue brought us to the Wehrenberg (now Marcus) Town Square 12 Cine where we currently meet. This move gave us even more room, parking, and visibility to our community. Again, still focused on the larger goal of connecting people with God and each other. 

Under the guidance and blessing of the leadership of Harvester CC, the South Campus took on a three year transition to becoming an autonomous church. This process actually came to successful fruition a year early, in 2013.

We chose the name Connection for our church family because it so succinctly expresses why we are here. Everything we do is filtered through our God-given purpose and mission: to connect people to God and each other through Jesus Christ.

Another exciting chapter began in the winter of 2014 as Dardenne Prairie Church, a likeminded, mature, visionary church family meeting just blocks away from Connection, chose to merge with Connection. We believe through this marriage of two churches uniting in a common purpose and vision, we are able to accomplish more for God’s kingdom than we ever could separately. 

We are now in our permanent home at 1332 Feise Road in Dardenne Prairie. Our location may change, but the mission never has. You are why we are here. We'd love for you to come and find your place in the story that God is writing here!

We successfully completed our Building Campaign in 2018. If you would like to look back on this amazing way that our church came together for a united vision just click here.