About Cannonball

Pastor's Letter

We are excited about what God is going to do in us and through us at Connection Christian Church! Like kids bouncing at the edge of a diving board, we are poised at the verge of the future and a new season of ministy. We sense God is calling on us to trust and obey Him in faith so we can make a huge splash of impact. A cannonball isn't something you do half way, by timidly sticking your toes in the water. A cannonball is about going "all-in." And once you take that leap, you are going to make a huge splash. The ripples you make will continue long past your jump. It's the same was with our walk with Christ. And that's what our church is called to do in this season we're calling Cannonball. Our church leadership believes God is calling us as a church family to do a cannonball - to make an "all-in" commitment that results in ripples of ministry impact for years to come. So I'm asking you now to begin praying about what steps of faith God is calling you to take so you can truly go "all-in" with Jesus and with the vision of Connection Christian Church. I can't wait to see what God will do through all of us over these next two years and beyond as we all jump in together and say, "CANNONBALL!"

In Christ's Love,

Bryan Fakes

CannonBall Goals

How will these funds be used?

We believe God has us here for a reason. He has done amazing things over the past eight years, changing lives and changing our community. Connection Christian Church has a strong and growing ministry foundation that continually changes the lives of children, youth, and adults. But there's more to do. What does Connection's Cannonball look like? And what ripples do we hope to create in our community and our world through our efforts? Cannonball is a two-year splash with ripples extending far beyond the end of 2015. In order to make the impact we believe God wants us to make, we are going to raise up many more prayers, workers, and dollars.

Our Two-Year Cannonball Goal: $1 Million

The First $700,000

  • allows us to support, expand, and strengthen our existing ministries budget.
  • lease additional theaters on Sunday mornings for children's classrooms.
  • invest in local ministries and support missionaries throughout the world.
  • open a ministry center for youth groups, classes, meetings and offices.

The Next $100,000

  • will go straight into savings, putting us significantly closer to a down payment for property on which we can build our next church home.

The Last $200,000

  • is something very exciting reaching this goal will allow us to purchase the property and even begin architectural plans for our next church home! 


J Jesus - How is Jesus calling you to go "all in" in your relationship with Him? Where is He calling you to go beyond to a place you've never been before and what nets will you drop to follow? Like Peter in John 21:7, are you ready to JUMP in to follow Jesus?

U Use of Time - How is Jesus calling you to go "all in" with the use of your time? What changes in your schedule might result from a total commitment to Jesus' mission for you and for Harvester? How has God gifted you and asked you to make a Kingdom contribution with your time?

M Money - How is Jesus calling you to go "all in" with the resources God has blessed you with? What would a cannonball-type financial commitment look like for you? What amount is God prompting you to consider? Together our impact will create a two-year splash with a ten-year ripple effect.

P Priorities - How is Jesus calling you to go "all in" with your priorities, especially with the relationships in your life? How would a complete commitment to Jesus' calling on your life reflect a re-ordering of priorities for you with your family, your friends, and your people in your circle of influence who do not yet know Jesus?


Are you ready to go "All-In" and see what God will do through You? 

Everyone is asked to JUMP...

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